2014, DCP, colour, 29’

The workers’ and mining facilities, characterising and changing the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje for almost two centuries, which have already been captured on camera in the previous films shot by EN-KNAP, have to face uncertain future and the possibility of impending demolition. In this homage by the author Iztok Kovač to his birth town, the international dance company EnKnapGroup confronts the mining facilities for the last time, before they disappear from the collective consciousness forever. The parting is decent: for the last time the members of the group fill these places with vitality and life as they experience it themselves.

written by
Iztok Kovač
Sašo Podgoršek

directed by
Sašo Podgoršek

Iztok Kovač

created and performed by
Luke Thomas Dunne
Ida Katarina Hellsten
Bence Mezei
Ana Štefanec
Tamás Tuza

and guests
Gyula Cserepes
Barbara Kanc
Katja Legin
Lada Petrovski Ternovšek
Ravi Ternovšek

Sven Pepeonik

set design
Niko Novak

costume design
Valter Kobal

Sašo Podgoršek

sound design
Charo Calvo

EN-KNAP production team
Meta Lavrič
Iztok Kovač
Sašo Podgoršek

co-funded by
Slovenian Film Centre, Public Agency

produced by
EN-KNAP Productions

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offices: Zaloška 61, SI-1100 Ljubljana, Slovenia
contact: Marjeta Lavrič, Producer
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Vašhava is the latest work of the choreographer Iztok Kovač and director Sašo Podgoršek, who have previously created five critically acclaimed dance films and documentaries recognised both domestically and internationally.

Award-winning EN-KNAP dance films, among which probably best known are Vertigo Bird and Dom Svobode, are without exception filmed on locations in the Slovenian mining town of Trbovlje. In the films, the merciless, elemental labour and mining environment from the youth of the choreographer and dancer Iztok Kovač encounters his experience of European metropolises, yielding an intoxicating, vertiginous clash of two opposing worlds.

EN-KNAP Productions, founded in 1993 by Iztok Kovač in Leuven, Belgium as En-Knap dance company, and a year later as a production company based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, has introduced and established its trademark aesthetics inside the European space, attracting an array of acclaimed international co-producers. In 20 years EN-KNAP has produced over 60 dance performances, 6 dance films, 6 documentaries and 20 other projects, winning international and domestic awards. EN-KNAP productions have been shown on over 400 guest appearances in over 30 countries across the world. 

EN-KNAP Film Compilation available:
EN-KNAP Dance Films (1995-2006)
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