Mattia Cason

Italy (1989), member of EN-KNAP Group since January 2021.

Mattia started his formation at Siena University where he got his BA in Anthropology and visual studies. He later pursued his studies at the Bologna University and got a MA in Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology. Between 2009 and 2012 he studied acting at the “Nico Pepe” Academy of Dramatic Arts in Udine and later moved to Tel Aviv (Israel) to study dance at the “Haqvutza beYafo”. In 2013 he joined the “The Maslool” Dance program and continued to educate himself in the art of dance. Since then he has been dancing for Fresco Dance Company (2015-2017), Inbal Dance Company (2017-2019) and also in different independent projects with choreographers Michael Getman, Mor Shani, and Maya Yogel among others. In February 2020 he was part of the performance “Mileva” by Ksenija Martinović, produced by CSS Teatro Stabile d’Innovazione del Friuli Venezia Giulia. In February 2020 he moved to Istanbul where he started working with choreographer Isil Biçakçi but the Covid 19 emergency forced the project to be postponed.