Light performance for children

(Performance for children ages 4 to 7)

In the original and in Slovenia unique performance Rainbow (Mavrica), the main characters are moving heads, who use light as their main means of expression. They express their opinions and feelings also by sometimes using sound, but not as words but rather as various sounds that differ in their speed, colour and mannerism. The sound animates the environments in which our little robots find themselves. They discover the power of colours and shapes, and sometimes even find answers to complicated questions with their help.

Rainbow is a project that introduces to children concepts such as light, colour and shape. The dydactic approach towards these concepts - light, colour, mixing of colours ... - is suitable also for the curricula of kindergartens and primary schools. The innovative and dydactic formula of the performance offers an original view of the importance and role of light on stage, life and in fairytales.

The performance will be followed by a talk with the creators, who will introduce the creation of the performance to children.



Jaka Šimenc is one of the most eminent light designers in the Slovenian theatre and contemporary dance scene. As light designer and also set designer he has collaborated with a number of visual artists, directors, choreographers and art companies. For a number of years he collaborated with EN-KNAP Productions and Iztok Kovač, and was the Tehnical Manager of Španski Borci Cultural Centre. As an author, he explores various forms of theatre, such as theatre without an actor or sonoric theatre, whose co-founder he is. In 2005, together with Aleš Mustar, Samo, Jure Vlahovič and Nejc Saje he created 16 Turns (16 obratov), and in September 2013, together with Barbara Bulatović and Aleš Mustar also Feng Šus in a Theatre Without an Actor. Both performances use approaches from the object theatre, they suspend the actor’s presence and delve into exploring possibilities of expression by supportive elements in the theatre. Šimenc also teaches in projects and programmes for the education of technical and design professions in theatre.