Campo de Fiori

Mala Kline

The debut of Mala Kline, her solo performance Campo de` Fiori, takes the Renaissance period as a point of reference in the European history. The piece was inspired by the personality and thought of Giordano Bruno, magician, philosopher and scientist, sentenced to death due to his audacious criticism of corruption and decadence of religious and social institutions of his period and due to his belief in the necessity of an ethical and political reform. The subject of Campo de` Fiori is the idea of transition, when the new and the old world reveal themselves at the crossroads, and the newly-appearing life wildly struggles with the mechanisms of inhibition and inertia. The hero who wanted to save the world is seduced by wild passion and love for life and truth to overstep the line of what is allowed. He is burnt alive on the stake, with his tongue tied. However, his words keep speaking.

Premiere: 30/01/2004
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana


concept and choreography
Mala Kline

sound design
Sašo Kalan

Irena Tomažin

set design
Strup production

light design
Jaka Šimenc

costume design
Alan Hranitelj

technical manager
Jaka Šimenc

STRUP production

Tomo Brejc

STRUP production

Karla Železnik


executive producer
Andreja Kralj co-production
Cankarjev dom

thanks to
Jana Wilcoxen, Cvetka Bevk, Mihael Kline

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.