Emanatio Protei

Iztok Kovač

Emanatio Protei is the evening comprising two performances entitled Mo/Ten/Tion and Kaktus Unter Strom which belong to the three top artists: choreographer and dancer Iztok Kovac and composers Uros Rojko and Vinko Globokar.The work of Iztok Kovac and his dance group EN-KNAP is based on the well-established methodology of artistic procedures where the artistic creation of motion is inspired and completed by the analysis of the conception and development of the motion composition through acknowleding the principles of music compositions as well as the effective use of the film media in order to create the space and time structures of choreography. The evening Emanatio Protei is based on research between the correlation of contemporary dance and music on the verge of performance and concert.

Premiere: 20/01/2000
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany

The performance Mo/Ten/Tion is dramaturgically conceived as a rhythmical structure composed of ready- made and improvised choreographical parts which are devided into two independent categories. The structure of the dance performance is based on the composition by Uros Rojko (1997). The 20-minute long music composition divides the symphonic orchestra in two parts which enables the choreographer to find the starting-point for his choreography as well as to choose the performers.

Kaktus Unter Strom which represents the second part of the evening is a music composition for oboe, horn, double bass, electronic production of the sound, sound tapes and scene actions by Vinko Globokar. The composer said about his composition Kaktus Unter Strom: »The music is based on the stereotyped vision of the triangle. I could compare it with the discussion among a man, a woman and their child...«

Iztok Kovac gives his comment on the performances joined together under the title Emanatio Protei: »The Proteus has the ability to breathe using its lungs and gills, it can survive for a long period of time relying on its food stocks which it renews when it gets a chance to. So far we still haven’t seen how proteus reproduces.



Iztok Kovač

created and performed by
Iztok Kovač
Jamie Watton
Fiona Edwards
Lisa Candell
Hanna Gilgran
Pedro Machado
Uroš Rojko

musical performance
Orkester Slovenske filharmonije

Marko Letonja

Linda Hirst
Geraint Watkins

set design
Miran Mohar

light design
Jim Clayburgh

costume design
Kit Peterson

director videa
Slavko Hren

technical manager
Jaka Šimenc

rehearsal manager
Donna Phillips

production manager
Valter Kobal in cooperation with
Physical Recall Dance Company
Slovensko filharmonijo

with financial support
RTV Slovenije, NSK, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS, Mestne občine Ljubljana, Arts Council of England

kaktus unter strom

concept and choreography
Iztok Kovač

Vinko Globokar

Jean Paul Celea (kontrabas)
Franck Ollu (rog)
Peter Veale (oboa)

Maja Delak
Laszlo Rokas
Iztok Kovač

realization of electronic processing of sound
Experimental Studio of the Heinrich
Strobel Foundation of the Southwest
Radio Freiburg

directing space sound
Andre Richard
Michael Acker

sound engineer
Rudolf Straus

sound design
Reinhold Braig

light design
Jaka Šimenc

costume design
Uroš Belantič

custom work
Experimental-Studio of the Heinrich
Strobel Foundation of the Southwest
Radio Freiburg
ZKM Karlsruhe

in cooperation with