Not Made for Flying

Simone Sandroni

Our goals, aims and intentions contain superhuman potential, designed to lift us up out of our pedestrian lives and bring us closer to our ideals. And yet, our failures, our tragedies, and the moments we fall are perhaps the most heroic of all. With a cast of Superheroes with very good intentions who are sometimes unlucky, clumsy, or maybe just human, Not Made For Flying finds the beauty within the tension between hero and human.
Simone Sandroni

Slovene premiere: 17/10/2011
Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana

Production: EN-KNAP and DEJA DONNE 
Choreography and direction: Simone Sandroni
Created and performed by: EnKnapGroup (Gyula Cserepes, Luke Dunne, Ana Štefanec, Tamás Tuza)
and DEJA DONNE (Martina La Ragione, Vladimir Ilich Rodrigues Chaparro, Tina Runko)
Light design: Arnaud Poumarat
Set and costumes: Lenka Flory
Sound and music: Drago Ivanuša
Drammaturgy assitance: Jess Smith
Assistant to choreographer; Rehearsal director: Tanja Skok
Tehnician – Light: Simone Sandroni
Tehnician – Sound: Omar Ismail
Project assistance: Dr. Patrizia Becchetti, Judith Hummel
Design: nejaaka
Photos: Miha Fras
Administration: Julija Travančić
Artistic direction DEJA DONNE: Simone Sandroni, Lenka Flory
Artistic direction EnKnapGroup: Iztok Kovač
Executive producers: Lenka Flory for DEJA DONNE, Meta Lavrič for EN-KNAP
Administrators: Giulia Truffarelli, Elisa Chianella, Julija Travančić
Partners, supporters and co-producers: Ludwig - Maximilian University Munich/Germany, Università degli Studi Perugia/ Italy, Theater im Pfalzbau Ludwigshafen, Nationales Performance Netz Foundation, DANCE 2010 Munich, Muffathalle Munich/Germania, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria/ Italy, Duncan Centre Conservatory Prague /Czech Republic, Emanat Institute Ljubljana
Sponsor: Val Plastika d.o.o. Ljubljana
Media sponsors: Radio Študent,, Mooble minusira

The program of EN-KNAP Productions is financially supported by the Slovene Ministry of Culture and by the City Council of Ljubljana - Department for Culture.

The company DEJA DONNE is financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, Region of Umbria and Municipality of Tuoro sul Trasimeno. 


Agent for Germany and Brazil:

Leda Mazzei Fernandes
Leonrodstr. 83
80636 Munich
phone 00498912749672
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