Project Touch

The project deals with human interaction on the level of touch; an everyday experience related to comfort and communication. The aim is to explore the richness and complexities of touch between two friends, to reveal that which keeps us human.

Premiere: 30/05/2011
Španski borci, Ljubljana 

‘I put my arm around her, a perfect fit under my shoulder, like a seat belt I embrace her, my forearm across her chest, my fingers on her ribs. With a pull she opens up, but she doesn’t fall, I have her in the palm of my hand. She touches my shoulder, and everything changes.’

‘I carefully place my hands on his shoulders; I lean towards, feeling the warmth of his body. As my face touches his chest, I can hear his heartbeat. He remains still, allowing me to explore his breathing, sweating, pulsing body…’


Vanessa and Luke have come together for a second time to develop Project Touch after initially meeting and working together while studying at Laban in London between 2003 and 2006. //


Vanessa Abreu is a Union Dance Associate Artist and has recently received the title of Southbank Emerging Artist in Residence. After 12 years of ballet training, she studied in Lisbon’s Escola Superior de Dança and at Laban (BA & MA). Here she receives the Simone Michelle Award for outstanding achievement in Choreography. Professional engagements and collaborators include: Pair Dance, Tânia Bruguera, Pablo Bronstein, Noura Sanatian, Ejnar Askberger, Jane McLean, Dane Hurst and Andrej Gubanov.


Luke Thomas Dunne’s formal training is in ballet, which he studied for 10 years at the Knighton Fields Centre as part of Leicestershire Arts in Education before studying at Laban (BA Hons Dance Theatre). Before leaving London, Luke had worked with Mark Lorimer, Jonathan Stone, Zoi Dimitirou, Caroline Muller, Aletta Collins and Anna Williams. In 2007 he successfully auditioned be to part of the ensemble EnKnapGroup. Under the artistic direction of Iztok Kovač, the group collaborated with 20 Slovene and international choreographers and directors in three years.


Project Touch is produced by EN-KNAP which enables the members of EnKnapGroup to create own work.


Choreographed and Performed by: Vanessa Abreu, Luke Thomas Dunne
Light Design: Zoran Grabarac
Outside Eye: Katja Legin
Photos: Tamás Tuza
Design: nejaaka
Production: EN-KNAP
Executive Producer: Katja Gabrijelčič
Thanks to: Iztok Kovač, Meta Lavrič, Katja Legin, Gerrard Martin, Andrej Gubanov, Dario Cossutta, Gal Škrjanec Skaberne, Julija Travančić, Leja, Teja, Sehad Plavotić
Production: EN-KNAP


EN-KNAP Productions is financially supported by the City of Ljubljana – Department of Culture, which also supports Španski Borci, and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia.

Premiere: 30 May 2011, Španski Borci Cultural Centre, Ljubljana