Julyen Hamilton,Denes Debrei,Iztok Kovač

The creative initiative as well as the basis for communication between the participating artists in the HU DIE project arose from the music project by John Zorn: New Traditions in East Asian Bar Bands from 1997. Participating in Zorn`s project were brilliant musicians Bill Frisell, Fred Frith, Joey Baron, Samm Bennett, Wayne Horvitz, Anthony Coleman and narrators, who used Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese languages as pure melody, employing the following texts: Arta Lindseya, My-ung Mi-Kim in Lin Hejinian.

Premiere: 10/12/2001
Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

The basic aim of Iztok Kovač is to find a manner in which to integrate the nature of Zorn`s music project and the principles of a stage performance. Each separate performance has its own title and is based on the variable spatial and temporal succession of coherent or open units, which makes each performance a new premiere.

The essential conceptual decision was the choice of the performance main theme - the first Chinese film diva Hu Die. To all the performers her charismatic presence was the inspiration which fuelled the communication within the project.


Iztok Kovač

Denes Debrei
Julyen Hamilton
Iztok Kovač

created and performed by
John Michael Barris
Jin-Yeob Cha
Denes Debrei
Julyen Hamilton
Drago Ivanuša
Iztok Kovač
Andreja Rauch
Carme Renalias
John Sweeney
Yukio Tomino
Sebastiano Tramontana
Henrijeta Varga music
Drago Ivanuša
John Sweeney
Sebastiano Tramontana

set design and light
Vadim Fiškin
Jaka Šimenc

costume design
Christine Rebet
Karla Železnik

Claudia Stemberger

Joint Adventures München

executive producers
Jožko Rutar
Walter Heun co-production
Luzerntanz am Luzerntheater

With financial support from the Ministry of Culture, Municipality of Ljubljana - Department for Culture, City of München - Department of performing arts and Bavarian Association for contemporary dance in cooperation with regional Ministry of Culture of the Land.